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Sell My Car Dubai

Consign your car and sell your car for more cash in less time. Sell your car on consignment for the best market price fixed by yourself but first let’s understand what is consignment car sales. Selling car on consignment is an innovative way to sell your Car In the UAE. This allows you to sell your car at a higher Value, hassle-free! I Bet you’re wondering how that is possible, right? Let us explain.

A growing trend toward auto consignment has emerged recently. Consignment car sales is a great way to avoid the hassles of private car sales, but as you would expect, letting someone sell your used car in Dubai is not as simple as having someone sell your books. Competition in the Used Car Industry in Dubai is Remarkable. marketing a high-Value vehicle Requires extensive preparation such as vehicle expertise, negotiation skills, ability to facilitate financing needs, strategic pricing, and much more expertise.

Consignment is the process In Which We Market and Sell Your Vehicle on your behalf. Where the Consignor (Yourself) and the Consignee (Linda Cars), enter into an agreement in which The Goal is to consign your car and sell it to a third party for the price agreed. Linda Cars Do Not bare ownership of the vehicle at any point in the transaction. The Transaction of selling the car won’t take place unless the right price is received by the third-party.

Linda Cars have an incredible online-driven marketing program for finding potential clients, as well as a large client network all over the world. We understand that parting ways with your vehicle can be difficult; however, you can rest assured that it’s in the right place. Linda Cars strive to make selling car on consignment an easy, and Hassle-free process.

Why Would You Consign Your Car with Us?

Safety: When it comes to selling your car, safety and security become a problem. It can be a risky process, especially if you are not familiar with the Rules and regulations in the UAE.

Here at Linda Cars, we take care of all the work for you, our facility is safe and clean and our staff are highly knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to sell your car on consignment as soon as possible.

Convenience: It is absolutely hassle-free for you to consign your car with us. No need to be concerned about no-shows or waiting for interested parties any longer. You won’t have to worry about scheduling test drives or Inspections, you don’t even need to worry about the negotiations.

We have it all covered!

Pricing is agreed upon before we sign the agreement, And the rest will be handled by us. It’s a very easy and stress-free procedure!

Trade-ins: We welcome trade-Ins for every make and model at Linda Cars.

Doing so makes it a lot easier for a potential buyer to trade in his car and pay the difference (if any) on the car he is buying.

How do consign your car sales work?

THE APPRAISAL – Determining the market value of your car

In order to sell your car on consignment the first thing we do is perform an assessment. Our experts will inspect the vehicle, Do the necessary background Checks, evaluate the condition and marketability, and provide you with an estimate. This valuation would be the price we will pay for your vehicle on the spot.

The valuation for a car consignment is the price we believe the car should sell for at the fair market value, keeping in mind the inspection and background check taken on the car.

This will determine what we can offer to the consignor (yourself).

Advertising – Marketing Your Vehicle

It’s important to market your vehicle properly if you’re looking to sell it quickly and at the highest value. Many things are important when it comes to advertising your vehicle. One Of the most important factors is the online audience reach.

As an auto consignment dealer, We try to make sure your car reaches everyone online.

Your vehicle will go for a Photo Shoot, then will be listed on the most popular car-buying platforms. Before the car is photographed, we do all the necessary work to get the car in the best visual condition for the shoot.

Before you consign your car for sale, please do not be hesitant to clarify any doubts you have with anyone one of our team members. Rather than slapping a “For Sale” sign in your back window and parking it on a busy street, selling your car on consignment gives you more exposure and access to potential buyers.

PRICING – Choosing the Appropriate Price

Pricing is one of the areas where consignment showrooms can differ the most. Some showrooms will have pricing guidance and recommendations, but the final pricing decision will be yours to make. Others would expect you to stick to a strict pricing plan devised by their team. In any case, auto consignment dealers such as Linda Cars are familiar with the industry and should strive to get the best price for your car.

Although the advertised price is important, you must also weigh how much of the final sale price you can hold. Some car dealers take a percentage of the purchase price, typically between 10% and 20% on average, others simply charge a flat fee or do both as auto consignment fees.

TRANSACTION – Selling, Negotiating, and Handling Paperwork

The fact that we conduct the actual selling process is perhaps the most significant advantage of vehicle consignment. All test drives, customer requests, and DMV paperwork can be handled by us as the vehicle consignment showroom. These crucial components of private party car sales can take up a lot of time and should be left to the experienced.

We at Linda Cars handle the negotiations, which means no more stress, discussing the “Final Price” with the buyers. Dealing with strangers can be challenging, allowing the consignment showroom to manage all negotiations, payment collection, and DMV paperwork is the easiest and most efficient procedure for both the buyer and seller.


Consignment car sales is also very convenient for third-party buyers, also maximizing the Speed of the sales process for the seller.

Linda Cars cover and benefit both sellers and customers when it comes to private party car sales. We also provide goods and services that many consumers Require, but are unable to obtain on their own in the private sector.

These are a few of the resources available:

  • Vehicle Finance: We help aid customers when it comes to buying a car through bank finance.
  • Warranties: We provide customers with after-market warranties, and service contracts, that helps the customers feel more at ease when it comes to the technical needs for their car in the future.
  • Shipping: In case the customer is abroad and wants to purchase a car, we take care of the shipping on his behalf, ensuring the car is delivered right to their doorstep, anywhere in the world.

Once again, such auto consignment benefits all parties involved in the process. Warranty, financing, and delivery. In addition to the buyer benefits mentioned above, this process ensures the speed and efficiency of the transaction.

Auto consignment is an appealing choice for car owners, especially with Linda Cars, ensuring that you receive the full potential value for your car.

The consignment model is straightforward – It’s your ride, but it’s sold by us. ensuring maximum degree of professionalism and service. Optimizing the Sale while eliminating the risk and inconvenience For You is the Goal!

Check out our consignment tools or contact us for a free vehicle appraisal.

Auto consignment is the way for you. Consign your car with us today!

Please Don’t Hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members for any queries.


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